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KIT - LOVE LOCKET - Designed By Catriona Starpins

KIT - LOVE LOCKET - Designed By Catriona Starpins

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KIT - LOVE LOCKET - Designed By Catriona Starpins 

A complete kit to create your very own Love Locket Pendant.

The full 20 page PDF Tutorial is available for FREE from International Beading Week 2023 from July 21st UK Time.  The PDF tutorial comes with links to 11 YouTube videos to help you complete your very own Love Locket.

To get the pattern click here.

Learn how to add dimension to your bead embroidery Love Locket. In this tutorial you will learn how to transfer a design onto foundation, basic bead embroidery stitches and some ways to add depth and colour shading into your beadwork. Also covered are back stitch, square stitch, couching stitch and edging your work with a brick stitch edging. Then you have the choice of making your love locket into either a brooch or pendant. Basic instructions for a spiral rope to hang your Love Locket from are also included.

Throughout the PDF tutorial, you can click on the video icons to be linked to the video and watch Catriona explaining in detail how to do the next step.  Simply hold the control button on your keyboard and click on the video title image to be taken to the YouTube video.

Included in the Kit are the following Supplies:

  • Lacy's Stiff Stuff White 5.5cm x 6cm with template already heat pressed on.
  • Black Stiffened Felt x 2 (6 x 8cm)
  • 38mm OD Metal D ring or O Ring x 1
  • 2-hole Kheops bead Jet Black x 1
  • 2-hole Cabochon Jet Black x 1
  • Size 15 Seed Bead Gold 10 grams
  • Size 15 Seed Bead Transparent Teaberry 1 gram (or Bronze)
  • Size 15 Seed Bead Black 1 gram
  • Size 15 Seed Bead White 1 gram
  • Size 15 Seed Bead Silverlined Fuchsia 1 gram (or Colourlined Fuchsia Crystal)
  • Size 15 Seed Bead Matte Light Red AB 1 gram
  • Size 15 Seed Bead Opaque Red Lustre 1 gram
  • Size 15 Seed Bead Matte Transparent Red 1 gram (or Matte Brick Red)
  • Size 11 Seed Bead Matte Black 2 grams
  • Size 11 Delica Cylinder Bead Matte Black 2.5 grams
  • Thin Template Plastic 6 x 8cm 
  • Ultrasuede 6 x 8cm

 No clasp is included in the Kit.  You will need to supply your own clasp.

Tools Required

These are what I use in my bead kit. 

  • Thread Burner for cutting and burning ends of thread off.
  • Beading Thread One G, Hana or Fireline.  
  • Sharp scissors for trimming thread.
  • Needles, for this project I prefer a size 11 straw needle or size 12 beading needle.
  • Beading Mat/tray, I like the soft fuzzy foam ones.
  • Beading Light and Magnification if required

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