Catriona Starpins Studio

About Catriona Starpins

Catriona teaches eager students the fine art of bead embroidery and beadweaving. Classes are run in person and online via zoom, giving her students a creative outlet and a way to pause from their busy lives. After a class with Catriona, students can wear their creations with pride letting others know where they learnt such wonderful beading skills.

Her background as a costumier and milliner allows Catriona to showcase these individual skills learned by consistently delivering unique and delightful wearable art creations. Catriona's beadwork is always finished to a superior quality and quite often takes beading to the next dimension.

For those who do not like to create themselves, Catriona designs one off unique beadwork. Her award winning designs are known for being real show stoppers that empower the wearer to stand out from the crowd.

Unboxing Cranberry Colour Boxes on YouTube

  • Bead Society of Victoria Bead Challenges

    The BSV Bead Challenge is an annual competition where all entrants start with an identical basic set of beads. Each Year Catriona likes to participate in the BSV Bead Challenge. Her award winning pieces can be viewed on the BSV website

    2015 Bead Challenge Winners 
  • Battle of the Beadsmith

    Since 2012, Beadsmith have invited hundreds of artists to participate in a single-elimination beading "tournament" widely known as Battle of the BeadSmith, or B.O.T.B. Participating artists are given approximately eight weeks to design, create, photograph, and present an original piece of wearable beadwork. Their creation is then randomly paired in "battle" with designs by their talented peers. There is no prize for winning the Battle of the BeadSmith. Contestants create simply because it's what they LOVE to do!

    Battle of the Beadsmith on Facebook 
  • The Bead Square Project

    The Beaded Square Project is a collaborative community project where each participant created a 6 inch by 6 inch square of beadwork. These individual squares were mailed to the Museum of Beadwork to build a bead-based ‘quilt’. The project highlights the shared experiences of isolation, quarantine, and the many societal changes that occurred during 2020.

    The squares are being housed at the Museum of Beadwork in Portland, ME where they are beginning the process of accessioning, photography, curation, and final construction of the exhibit that will be on view once we are open to the public in 2022. 

    The Bead Square Project