International Beading Week 2023

International Beading Week 2023

International Beading Week 2023

Get involved and celebrate the joy of beading.

International Beading Week (IBW) is open each year to everyone who has a passion for beadwork or who would like to learn more about this creative art form.  Wherever you are in the world you can get involved for FREE!

The IBW theme for 2023 is 'Hearts - Spread the Love' and the Beadworkers Guild can't wait to share their love of beading with everyone. There are lots of activities for you to enjoy including FREE online Drop-in sessions, the Beadworkers Guild themed Prize Draw and of course, lots of FREE beading patterns for you to enjoy, including new heart designs from a selection of designers from around the world.

International Beading Week (IBW) started in 2015 as a ‘National event’ in the UK.  It soon grew into a worldwide event which prompted the Guild to rebrand it as ‘International Beading Week' (IBW).

During IBW beaders from all around the world celebrate their passion for stitching with beads. The Beadworkers Guild wants to share the message that beading is a therapeutic pastime, which helps people with their wellbeing, whilst educating and encouraging the wider public to participate and have some fun, sharing their love of beading.

The Guild are so proud of how this event has grown over the years and that beaders from all around the world want to participate.

I encourage you to join in the week of beading celebrations.

How to get the most out of IBW – International Beading Week.

Join in with the FREE Drop-in Zoom sessions.

Book into some free sessions, some of which are Australian friendly times.  I will be on a session talking about my beading:

Sunday 23rd July - Catriona Starpins shares some hints to add dimension to your bead embroidery.

7pm-9pm AEST (book AM session UK Time 10am)

And Joanne Ivy from Cranberry will also be on the following session.

Tuesday 25th July - Joanne Ivy shares her hints and tips for Right Angle Weave

7pm-9pm AEST (book AM session UK Time 10am)

You can book into sessions here.


Free Bead Together Day at Cranberry

Joanne Ivy and Catriona Starpins invite you to come and bead at the Cranberry Shop on Wednesday 26th July for “Bead Together Day” as part of International Beading Week.  A day at the shop to bead one of the free patterns from the International Beading Week website. The IBW 2023 patterns will be available from 22nd July (Australian Time) and patterns from previous years are available now to browse.

You can find out more about booking in to "Bead Together Day" on the Cranberry Website here.


Free Beading Patterns

The International Beading Week pattern collection began in 2015 and new donations are added each year.  Each pattern has been kindly donated by IBW ambassadors, designers, and Beadworkers Guild members to encourage and inspire beaders of all abilities and skill levels worldwide.   

The 2023 New FREE patterns will be available from 21st July 2023 (22nd July Australian Time)

This year I have donated "Love Locket" to IBW.  This will be supplied as a FREE PDF document with links to 11 YouTube videos which take you step by step through the whole process.

I really hope you enjoy making your very own Love Locket Pendant.  

Free Patterns from IBW can be downloaded here.

I also hope you have a wonderful time during International Beading Week! 

Happy Beading!

 Love Locket by Catriona Starpins


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