Catriona's Home Studio

Catriona's Home Studio

Many crafters like to see how others create, what the workspace is like and where all the fun happens.  Whether you create at a desk, your kitchen table or in a craft room or studio, everyone has different ways to work.  I consider myself to be super lucky having a bedroom space as my home studio.

Over the years I have collected many supplies for sewing costumes, jewellery making, millinery and papercraft and so my home studio needed to have the space to adapt to what I am working on at the time.  I also love stationery and labelling everything. This means I can put my hands on the tools and supplies I need when I need them. Plus, I also believe that sorting my stash of supplies is a hobby in itself.


When I am running a class via zoom or filming a video class, I have my desk set up like this, pictured above.  Good lighting is so important to be able to see the fine details of my work and so I have a couple of ring lights set up on either side of my computer and a super-dooper daylight lamp for when I am beading.  The computer is suspended from an extension arm so I can move it out the way when I need more desk space to create and the heater vent is well positioned to keep my toes warm and toasty too!

My most used Japanese seed beads and Czech glass beads are stored in metal filing draws which I purchased from Officeworks here in Australia.  There is definitely more beads in my collection than I can ever use in a life time, but they bring me so much joy and there are much worse addictions out there.


Catriona Starpins Studio Metal Drawers

My ever-growing collection of seed beads are stored in tubes by size and then sorted into colours.  I used to sort everything by colour, but the collection grew so fast that this is what works now.



On the other side of the studio I have my industrial sewing machine always at the ready and plenty of storage shelves to hold all the fun stuff.



My studio is definitely cosy and comfortable, full of inspiration and where all my creativity happens.  I hope you have enjoyed this little snapshot of the space I create in.


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